Enhance your property’s safety with fireproof coatings and experience superior fire protection and peace of mind.

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At Lx5 Insulators, our fireproof coating services in Bristow, OK are designed to cater to a diverse range of clients, from small commercial projects to large industrial properties. We leverage our expertise, craftsmanship, and advanced practices to deliver top-quality fire coating services to our Bristow, OK customers. With extensive experience in the fire protection industry, our team of fireproof coating contractors offers unmatched expertise in selecting and applying the best products. You can trust that, regardless of your needs, our fireproof coating services will provide your valued Bristow, OK property with the highest level of protection available.


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At Lx5 Insulators, we specialize in providing comprehensive turnkey fireproof coating services tailored to industrial and commercial owners in Bristow, OK. Whether you own a manufacturing, hospitality, or construction establishment, our Bristow, OK fireproof coating company is the team you can trust. Our exceptional coatings have the unique capability to expand when exposed to heat, creating a strong insulating barrier. With our PVC and Polyurea liners, you can be confident that your Bristow, OK property is thoroughly protected, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

3 Reasons to Install Fireproof Coatings

Enhanced Safety

Compliance with Regulations

Durability and Longevity


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